Hermetic Glass-To-Metal and Ceramic Seals

For over 45 years Platronics Seals has been manufacturing high-quality, low-cost hermetic packages for the semiconductor, aerospace, automotive, optoelectronic and telecommunications industries.

A team-approach environment provides for the highest standards of quality, product reliability and customer satisfaction.

The new production facility has facilitated the increase in capacity and efficiency of the plating line which includes rack and barrel plating of electrolytic and electroless nickel, gold, copper, tin and tin-lead.

The maintenance of component parts along with in-house plating capabilities permits us to manufacture and ship many products promptly.

The Platronics Engineering Team has years of experience working with customers to develop custom-designed products to meet their demanding requirements.

Platronics Seals is a privately held company founded in March 1966 in Clifton, New Jersey. In 2013 the operation was relocated to 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Tempe, Arizona.

Resulting from the relocation many changes have been initiated, including:

  • Improvements to the work-flow in the assembly area which will provide enhanced quality control and efficiency.
  • More efficient use of floor space.
  • Separation of the assembly area from the rest of the production area allowing greater contamination control and employee comfort.
  • Installation of a large liquid nitrogen tank for increased production capability.

The new facility also allows us to:

  • Maintain our tradition of the lowest possible production costs for our customers.
  • Respond more efficiently to the changing requirements of our customers in the future.
  • Rapidly develop new components.
  • Readily access ground transportation for shipments of orders.

The facility includes an assembly area, 3 production sealing furnaces, 4 production muffle furnaces, plating lines, QC/QA labs, a machine shop, and shipping/receiving/warehouse areas.  Platronics Seals serves the semiconductor, aerospace, automotive, optoelectronics and telecommunications industries.

The primary product lines are hermetic glass-to-metal and ceramic seals.  Platronics Seals manufacture both custom and industry standard hermetic packages.  Those packages include TO-250 series packages, TO-3s, TO-5s, TO-8s and other TO- and DO- packages, flat-packs, DIP and SIP style headers, terminals and feed-throughs.  Products are manufactured utilizing a variety of materials; primarily copper, steel, Kovar, 52-alloy, copper tungsten, GLIDCOP®, molybdenum, various glasses, and ceramics.

These products are utilized in many high technology applications such as:

  • Power hybrid packages;
  • Packages for integrated circuits, hybrid circuits, and discrete transistors;
  • Seals for the automotive industry;
  • Laser diode packages for fiber optic communications; and
  • Feed-throughs for microwave components.

These diverse applications demand products that meet stringent electrical, environmental and mechanical specifications.  To insure quality products, Platronics Seals provides engineering expertise and quality support to the manufacturing operation.

To further guarantee the highest quality, Platronics Seals controls the plating function; thus providing superior quality and cost savings to our customers and reducing turn-around time for delivery of standard and custom parts.  The QC/QA lab is well equipped, providing the ability to meet the requirements of all appropriate applicable specifications.   The on-line SPC system enables the maintenance of the manufacturing processes within required parameters.  This balanced team effort helps satisfy our customers, who are secure in the knowledge that Platronics Seals delivers quality parts on time.

Platronics Seals can provide prototype quantities, increase production to a high volume, and maintain quality levels consistent with our engineering evaluation samples.

The facility includes almost 26,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space.  An on-site machine shop insures rapid turn-around on critical orders.  Utilizing the latest equipment, the manufacturing management staff supports a highly trained and dedicated work force.

The operation is run in a safe and environmentally conscientious manner; conforming to all existing government regulations.  In addition, the state-of-the-art plating line was designed as a zero-discharge system.

Since end users of our components may employ different manufacturing processes, interaction between your organization and the Platronics Seals Engineering Group is recommended to assure that your specific product requirements are met.

The strength of Platronics Seals lies in the ability to produce high volumes of components with reproducible technical properties.  This is accomplished by assuring the quality of incoming component parts; implementing effective statistical process control procedures; monitoring in-process quality; inspecting and testing outgoing products; and, ensuring effective communication between engineering and floor supervision.