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50 Years of Experience

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Of Hermetic Solutions


TO-‘s and DO-‘s Hermetic Packages

All TO- and DO- packages (JEDEC) and variations thereof.

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Hybrid Circuit Packages

Flat packs and not so flat hybrid packages too.

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Laser Diode and Optoelectronic Packages

TO packages, C mounts, butterfly packages, etc.

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Feedthrus and Hermetic Connectors

Any type of dimension and plating.

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Ordnance Applications

Plated, unplated, lapped, ground and not ground.

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Window Caps/Lenses

Different types of glass and sealing technologies.

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RF Power Transistor Packages

Solutions for the wireless world.

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Surface Mount Ceramic Packages and Microwave Device Packages

Solutions with and without leads, many different form factors.

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Custom Designs

With our vast experience we can build almost any type of seal.

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