TO-‘s and DO-‘s Hermetic Packages

Platronics Seals offers a full line of hermetic packages for power transistors and power diodes/rectifiers.

  • JEDEC outlines and custom parts available
  • Glass-to-metal seals and ceramic-to-metal seals
  • Attached substrates available: Moly, BeO, DBC, AlN
  • Ground pin connection available
  • Various types of plating available



  • TO-254, TO-257, TO-258, TO-259
  • TO-3, TO-5, TO-8, TO-9mm, TO-18, TO-39, TO-46, TO-54, TO-66
  • DO-4, D0-5
  • Custom designs

We have supplied these products to the semiconductor/microelectronics industry for more than 50 years. Our earliest products were the TO-3 and TO-66 packages. In the 1990’s we began producing power packages in the TO-25X series, and we are one of the largest producers of this type of packages. Our offering includes packages with glass seals as well as with ceramic seals.

We continue to evolve and supply our customers with the type of solutions they need, now including packages with substrates such as Moly, BeO, DBC as well as AlN.

We offer various types of plating, including nickel, gold and other metals.